The Cane Corso breed has a magical draw to it. There is something about this artifact of history, this old Roman guardian, that protected the Italian olive orchards of antiquity and played with and protected farmers children in the rural countryside.

Our first Corso came to us in 2002 from the east coast. We have been hooked ever since! We are a partnership kennel operated by Lara Smith (founder) and Summer Young-Drey (kennel partner). We are blessed to be great friends who both have a passion for these dogs. We operate two facilities, one in Lolo, MT and one in Superior, MT. We have been operating under our kennel name for 15 years! We also have a combined experience with the breed of 21 years! And on top of that, 2 lifetimes of large dog experience.

We made 3 trips to Europe and imported dogs from some of the best names in the world. Nothing has been compromised. Most breeders these days choose their breeding stock for price and convenience. Not Grizzly Mountain. Our pedigrees are full of dogs we personally imported ourselves, specifically chosen after years of research.

Our pedigrees trace primarily to Dyrium dogs. You will find true Corsos in our pedigrees– minus the show bloodlines that have been more heavily contaminated with Boxer and Bullmastiff blood! Yes, we are very picky with what we use. You will find names like Yurak, Diryo, Icaro, and blood from breeders like Antiqua Apulia (Italy) Fausto D. (Italy) Aquila Dorata (Hungary) Castrignano (Italy) Classicorso (Mexico) and many more.

We put a huge priority on temperament. We each are mothers and our breeding stock are our family dogs and protectors. We have more dogs working as service dogs and emotional support animals than any other breeder in the state, and local region.

Our puppies get tons of handling from both of our families and are make amazing family pets/guardians. Over the years, well over half of our clients have children. These dogs are loved and gentle family dogs.

We are committed to continuing our legacy by breeding top quality dogs. Many of our dogs are 3rd and 4th generation from our kennel. We have specific goals when we choose to do litters, including preserving this wonderful breed for future generations.