Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive 2 year guarantee on health and temperament. Please see our forms page to review our contract.

What do your puppies come with?

Our puppies come with a comprehensive 2 year health and temperament guarantee, ICCF and/or AKC registration, deworming, first shots, dewclaws and tails docked unless otherwise specified, a baggy of food to help your puppy transition to your food of choice, a blankie with mommy/littermates scent to help ease the transition, and a small toy and collar.

New: we are in the process of offering a custom leather collar that will fit your puppy as an adult with every puppy sold! Ask us about when this may be available.

Do you require a deposit to hold a puppy?

Yes. This is the best and most fair way to ensure our customers the best picking process and our puppies the best homes. The deposit is $400 and goes toward the purchase price.

Do you offer shipping?

Yes. We can arrange transport for your puppy anywhere in the US for an additional charge.

What colors do you offer?

We offer all colors available, although each litter will vary depending on the parents. This includes blue, black, fawn, blue brindle, black/chestnut brindle, and blue fawn.

Can I leave my puppies ears natural? Do you offer earcropping?

We are happy to help you locate a vet near you to get your crop done if you choose. We encourage personal choice and believe the Cane Corso looks great with cropped or natural ears.

Is the Cane Corso breed good with children?

Absolutely. A correctly bred and raised Cane Corso is great with children. Socialization and proper training for the puppy and children is a must. Remember temperament has a genetic component. This is why it is important to buy from a breeder that places a priority on temperament. Keep in mind that at both of OUR kennels we have children on premises so these puppies will leave home with you already introduced but it is your responsibility to ensure that they remain that way using proper introduction techniques.

Is the Cane Corso good with other pets and livestock?

Yes. Remember, this is a dominant breed, and they will generally strive to be the top dog in the pack. Training and socialization is a must. If you want your dog to be good with cows, socialize them with cows from day one and combine this socialization with training and clear expectations. Also, if you have other large dogs, it is strongly suggested to get a puppy that is of the opposite sex of your other large and/or dominant dog.

Is the Cane Corso easy to train? Are they intelligent?

Yes. The breed, and our lines are very intelligent and normally very easy to train. However, this is a dominant dog that has a mind of its own. They are self thinkers that need a clear pack leader (you). This can make them appear stubborn at times. You need to be 100% respected as the dominant pack member to ensure ease of training.

Does the Cane Corso make a good guard dog?

Yes they do. The breed is naturally protective of its family and home. This instinct should always be

managed with training and socialization. By nature the breed should be protective and guardy without being aggressive.

I’ve never owned a dog before and I am kind of a timid person. Can I still do well with a Cane Corso?

Probably not. This breed is best suited for people who are at least moderately self assured and confident and have had previous large breed experience.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary depending on the litter and quality. Prices listed here are a general range. Please contact us for an exact price on a puppy you are looking for. Females are $1400-$1600 as pets. Males are $1600-$1800 as pets. We only occasionally offer puppies on open papers (Breeding rights).

Show quality/Breeding contract prices fall between $1800 and $2500 and often include other terms. Pleasecontact us for availability. Remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t save a few hundred dollars now on a fly-by-night backyard breeder who will vanish if you need to utilize their guarantee. Feel confident knowing you are supporting a breeder who cares about their puppies and the future of the breed– not just their next sale.

Do those prices include breeding rights?

No, they do not. The breed is in real trouble due to the rapid rise in popularity and the high volume of backyard breeders and inexperienced breeders. We do VERY occasionally offer breeding rights to clients under our mentorship program. The terms are quite strict as we do strive to keep the best interests of the breed at heart. Inquire for availability.

Your mentorship contract seems strict. Can you elaborate on that?

Let me be brutally honest here: The breed is in real trouble because of backyard breeders or people who don’t have the breeds best interests at heart. Any one of them will probably be happy to take your money. But the support won’t be there. It’s simple: ANY BREEDER WHO SELLS YOU AN OPEN PAPERS PUPPY WITHOUT A STRICT AGREEMENT IS ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY. ANY BREEDER WHO SELLS THE MAJORITY OF THEIR LITTERS AS OPEN PAPERS IS ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY. Notice a pattern here? Ethical breeders don’t sell breeding rights to anyone with cash who wants one. If you are sincere, and have genuine intentions, yes we are a breeder who will help you. But that doesn’t mean we just give away 15 years of work to the highest bidder. 

We would like to get a puppy from Italy or Europe. Is this something you can help with?

Yes we can. We offer custom importing when our kennel, or our clients have need for it. All custom import contracts are by private agreement and available to preselected clientele. Serious inquiries only...ask for details.

Do you allow visits?

Yes clients are welcome to come to either of our locations to view our dogs, they love company! A few considerations: we do not operate all hours petting zoos, this is a service that is offered for people who are interested in purchasing a puppy, not the general public. We also request 7 days notice made as an appointment. We both work outside the home and manage households/families. We love to meet new clients, but we ask that you be considerate of our time and privacy. We also ask that you do not bring your other pets with you or if you do, that they stay in the vehicle and/or ask in advance to bring that dog on premises. These are guard dogs after all.