Breeder vs. Adoption

What makes the most difference in a dogs life is the dedication of it’s owner.

Just because you rescue a dog from a shelter or from a terrible owner, doesn’t make you a better dogowner. How you choose, treat, raise, protect, train and love your dog is what makes you a great dogowner. Regardless of how you came across your furry friend.

If I choose a spouse based on intellect, personality (loyal, caring, giving, friendly, etc) and looks (attractive, good bone structure, good muscle tone) and athletic and procreate with that person and I too have similar traits, I would hope that our child would exhibitmany of the same traits during adulthood. This is the process of evolution. Thinning the herd to be as close to what you want as possible. Not always will you get the results you want but your chances are much better if you choose appropriately your mate. Obviously you’d want to raise said child with a great education, teach them manners, how to care for their body by choosing proper eating and exercise habits early on, etc...This programs the mind and body which over generations will transfer many traits through the DNA. Again...not always.

This too is how a breeder looks at how they breed the dogs they wish to see in their kennel. We choose the best male and female that meets all of our standards to the best of our ability without tainting the gene pool. We choose a well built dog, good bone structure, overall...healthy inside and out. We choose a dog whose temperament is solid. TRUE to it’s breed standard. In the case of Cane Corso’s we at Grizzly Mountain Cane Corso choose a loyal, obedient, smart dog. A self thinker who can be trusted and fierce all in the same breath. We do this to preserve the breed so that when someone else is looking for this type of dog (personality, physique and purpose) that they get what they’re looking for. Typically as breeders we choose to breed the breed we like the most. What fits our needs and interests as well.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why dogs end up in shelters or on the streets. Not everyone whopurchases a pedigree dog will take proper care of that pet. Just because you spend a fortune on your pet doesn’t make you a better pet owner. And again, just because you pay $100 and get your dog fixed because the rescue makes you, doesn’t make you a Saint or superior. Sometimes it’s a lack of education or funds. Other times someone is health stricken and can no longer take care of the pet. Often times in the case of large breeds, people want the look of the dog but aren’t willing to work with the dog. This can lead to bad behavior, alpha mentality in the pet, etc...No one WANTS a jerk dog but it happens all too often. Generally for lack or working with the dog and on an occasion...bad genetics. This is why when choosing a breeder it’s VERY important to do two things...research and research. Seriously. Tap into their Facebook friends and get feedback of the quality and temperament of the dog. Check out their breeding history. You wouldn’t be lazy when picking your mate, don’t be lazy when choosing your future dog family. A breeder should be just extension of your family. A great resource and honest.

Remember...this pet should be in your life for the next 8-15 years! That’s a huge commitment and should be taken seriously. Let it be known that yes, there are tons of dogs with no homes. Tons of dogs are starving and neglected. Many of which are good dogs that truly just want a warm bed and a fun family to live with. And then there are the dogs that were relinquished because they AREN’T good dogs. They either were and were raised poorly or were just bred poorly. Either way...not suitable for most any home. That’s the matter how uncomfortable it is.

Many pedigree dogs (we’re talking dogs that cost upwards of $3,000) wind up in shelters. This can be a great place to look for your future buddy for a LOT less money but buyer beware...OFTEN times there is an unfortunate reason that pet is there. Either he/she wasn’t trained well, became aggressive with the families FAVORITE pet, owner let him/her become alpha and can no longer handle the dog, it had bad manners (tearing up their leather shoes, scratching their expensive wood doors, peeing on their Persian rugs or barking all night just to be let in from the cold) or the worst, it bit someone in their home/circle of friends and they never told the shelter in fear that they would put the dog down and not give him/her another chance. Naturally the best outcome would be that they loved their pet, trained their pet, got that pet the proper care over the years but for some unfortunate reason (finances, deployment, divorce, health of owner, etc) the pet can no longer be cared for and had to be relinquished. This would be a steal of a deal and would take a lot of patience in looking and dedication to being consistent in yoursearch.

Buying from a breeder is ideal if you have a specific breed in mind. One would assume that you would have done your homework on the breeds personality, health concerns, physical traits, life expectancy and more. For example, if you are looking for a guard dog to watch and protect your children while they are out on your acreage then you might want to look deeper at the Cane Corso, Maremma or even the Rottweiler to name a few. If you’re looking for a little dog with a big personality you might consider contacting a breeder who breeds Min-Pins or French Bulldogs. Just because you want a guard dog, doesn't mean the shelters Cane Corso or Rottweiler (who may have had an abusive past, thus making him lethal or untrustworthy) is a wise choice. These are dogs with a larger than life personality and when in the hands of the wrong, abusive, owners, can be lethal.

Let’s level the playing want of us have seen that cute little Chihuahua who bares his teeth goes in of the kill when you try to pet it's owner? Do you REALLY want to adopt that little guy from he shelter because the owner before you didn't always know the history of the dog when buying from the shelter? Yep. I said it.

The reality is that buying from both a breeder and shelter can it's huge benefits. The decision is yours, but just promise that you will be responsible and nonjudgmental with either choice. We are all on our own path, have our own beliefs and have our own futures. May the force be with you in your choice.